Communications / marketing professional
specializing in UX/UI design and development

Alison has almost two decades of mass communications experience. Nine years of team leadership and management experience. Eight years of in-agency experience at an advertising agency. Five years in government and government contracting. With a total of eighteen years of experience in marketing, communications, designing, and developing web UX and UI. Alison is versatile, adaptable, and motivated.

Alison has experience working both front and back of the house, working with clients to implement new or improved websites and web applications, communication plans, and marketing campaigns while reducing overhead costs.

Brand Experience

Global, national, and local brand experience. Seven-figure media budgets to near-zero dollar budgets. Large and small teams. Alison works with the resources she is presented with and gets creative with small budgets. Her design work has been seen by millions.

City of Memphis | AT&T | WellCare | Alessi | | WordPress Foundation | Mountain Home Observer | City of North Little Rock | USAmeriBank | Pegasus Transtech | ConnectWise | MowerMax | Orkin | Ironman Foundation | Universal Insurance | GMO Free USA | Conscious Capitalism | ISACA | Harvard College | Aveda Institute | Tampa Bay Sports Commission | TopSpin Tennis

+9 Years

Leadership and Management

+8 Years

Advertising Agency

+5 years

Government and Gov Contracting Experience

+18 Years

Overall Communications, Design and Development Experience

“Alison is industrious and focused, graceful under pressure. I admire her calm. She is also a terrific designer. Her work is wonderfully refreshing to the eye—clean and easy to follow.
She is into innovation and constantly finds ways to do things better and give clients better ROI.
Alison is among the best of the best. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a designer, programmer, or team leader.”

Eric Leventhal, Associate Creative Director, Schifino Lee Advertising + Branding

Tools, software, environment…

A collection of tools I use that may help you understand my current work environment. I’ve been designing and developing on Apple Macintosh computers since 2006. Former Windows user.

Desktop Software I use

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
Microsoft Office 365
Sublime Text
Visual Studio Code
iTerm / Terminal
Tower for Mac
Google Web Designer
Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Web Dev

Google PageSpeed Insights
Google Analytics
Google Search Console

Other Web-based Software

Google Workspace / Docs / Drive

Other Interests

Web Security
Web Privacy
a11y / Accessibility, ADA Compliance, Section 508
Linux Systems