LinkedIn: @alisonmf
Phone: 941-840-0369


Q: Can I hire you for a one-time project?
A: I am accepting projects for Q1 and Q2 of 2024. Most projects may pass through a consulting agency that represents me. If you would like me to work on your project, please contact me at the phone number and email above with details.

Q: Can you help my non-profit organization with design work for free?
A: Generally, no. Please get in touch with me regarding the scope of work and I will review and make a determination.

Q: I’m a recruiter, will you please take my client’s design/development test and apply for their position?
A: It is exceptionally rare that I will spend time on any type of “testing” during an interview process. My portfolio, years of experience, and results are enough to make an evaluation for employment.

Q: Will you work as a 1099 contractor on contract?
A: At this point in my life, likely not; the cash compensation would need to be at least three times market value, and the duration of the contract at least one year.

Q: Are you willing to relocate?
A: Generally no, but it depends on the location; I may make an exception for some states inside the U.S.

Q: Are you willing to travel for work?
A: Yes, I am willing to travel up to 6 to 12 weeks total a year for business purposes. Depending on the position and circumstance, I am willing to bump that constraint up.

Q: Have you ever done remote work before?
A: I’ve been remote working well before the pandemic. Since 2012, I have worked from a dedicated home office, minus a one-and-a-half-year stint working in a downtown office just before the pandemic.