WARNING: Last updated in 2021.

A selection of semi-recent produced pieces.

Coin Connection

Coin Connection is a company that offers a Bitcoin-to-Cash conversion via nearly a hundred ATMs across the United States.

Roles: Solo-designed brand and logo, UI/UX design and development with Google Maps API, kiosk screen design

Final Logo & Type System

Memphis epayments

The City of Memphis collects traffic fines through their epayments website.

Roles: Solo-developed the logo concept design, UI/UX design, and front-end web development

Final Logo
Convenience Fee Calculator – Designed using Material Design

The Rip Podcast

The Rip is a podcast about famous real-life heists in history. Episode One targets The Pink Panthers “gang”. They are an international jewel thief network, consisting of roughly 800 core members. Many are believed to be ex-soldiers with extensive military backgrounds.

Roles: communications strategy, design, UX/UI development, video teaser production, minor voice acting

Marketing/Comms Strategy: Alison Fulton, Chris Fulton, Jacob Rice
Audio Recording, Editing, Script Development: Chris Fulton
Initial Idea & Pitch: Chris Fulton

Final Logo
Video Effects by Alison Fulton. Voice and audio editing by Chris Fulton.
Live demo of The Rip website


WordCamp Tampa is a 3-day conference focusing on the topics of web design, development, and marketing. All sessions tie back into the platform of WordPress.

Roles: event organization, social media marketing, email marketing, session booklet design, t-shirt design, badge design, pop-up banner design, web design

Logo Designers: Lindsay Crenshaw, Jim True
Additional Designers: Elaine Simmons, Jim True, Thomas Giella, Thomas Townsend

WordCamp Tampa website 2014-2016
The mini-booklet is the size of your palm and designed to fit in your pocket while you bounce around sessions at the conference. It is printed in black and white with a single spot color on the cover.

General UI/UX Web Design

City of Memphis’ COVID-19 Updates

We created the COVID-19 Website in response to the uncertainty of the virus in March 2020. It is a one-stop-shop for all things COVID-related.

Role: Some design elements, UI/UX

Communications Direction: Allison Fouché and Ursula Madden
Design Elements: Mathis Ryan and City of Memphis Design Team

PM Kinetics

PM Kinetics, LLC is an information technology management consulting firm operating out of the Tampa Bay area.

Role: Designed brand elements, UX/UI

Healthcare Navigator (HCN)

HCN is an innovative program born out of EMS and the need to modify emergency patient care via the Fire Department.

Role: UI/UX development

Design Elements: KQ Communications

Memphis Transit Vision

Transit Vision is led by the City of Memphis’ 3.0 Comprehensive Plan and Innovate Memphis, in partnership with Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) and the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

Roles: Logo design, UI/UX design and development