A collection of final logos/brand icons designed solely by Alison Fulton that are still used in production today. All logos start on paper with conceptual drawings, then move to Adobe Illustrator for more formalized and refined concepts. Alison has used Illustrator since 2004.

2021 – Present

Mountain Home Observer – One Color Logo

MHO needed a clean masthead for their online digital newspaper. Something modern yet classic. Playing off some of the local area’s natural resources, two mountains were incorporated, also reflecting the two lakes of the area. Set in a playful sans-serif called Sulphur Point, it is balanced with classic Copperplate.

Coin Connection – Two Color Logo

Coin Connection was born as a subsidiary of an existing ATM company. Looking to diversify their business, they began to install ATMs specifically for Bitcoin transactions. They needed a fun, playful iconography that was more ‘tech’. Using a classic sans-serif for the main type, the subtype is in a fixed monospaced family commonly associated with technology.

2018 – 2020

Memphis Transit Vision – Three Color Logo

Desiring a futuristic concept for the presentation of Memphis’ public transportation vision, a decorative type was selected to imitate bus routes on a map.

ePayments – Two Color Logo

The City of Memphis needed to overhaul its online payments system and it started with a simple logo with no direction other than “make it better than what it was”.


GMO Free USA / Right to Know – Three / Four Color Logo

A pro bono project for two groups entwined with each other. Eventually, GMO Free USA formalized into a 501c3 in mid-2014. They have used the logo since its inception.